Dynamic Components, Inc

(Portion of Iowa bordered on east by and including the
Counties of Dubuque, Jones, Cedar, and Muscatine)
(EXCEPT: The counties of Jackson, Clinton, and Scott)

332 Briarbrook Drive
Carl Junction, MO 64834

Phone: 417.649.4795
Fax: 417.649.6042

Russell Smith, President 
Dawn Smith, Inside Sales 

Rene Consier, Inside Sales


(The counties of Jackson, Clinton, and Scott.)

P.O. Box 180173
Delafield, WI 53018

Phone: 262.524.0746
Fax: 888.761.1060
Website: www.mercerrpm.com

Dan Stetler Jr.          dstetler@mercerrpm.com    
Ryan Freund             rfreund@mercerrpm.com     

Area Manager:

Mark Jansen               mjansen@mercerrpm.com 

Inside Sales:

Brian Warner           bwarner@mercerrpm.com

Customer Service:

Mary King                     mking@mercerrpm.com