Wound Rotor Motor



Reuland manufactures a complete line of continuous and intermittent duty wound rotor (WR) motors. Reuland WR motors provide adjustable speed, staring current, and starting torque. With the proper resistance in the rotor circuit, a series or family of speed vs. torque curves can be developed. Standard or special secondary values can be provided. The customer provides external resistors. Horsepower ratings vary from fractional to 250 horsepower in frame sizes of 182-449. Available speeds are 1800, 1200, 900, 720, or 600 Rpm's. WR motors can be supplied with different options depending on the application.

Continuous duty WR motors are typically used for pumping applications, conveyors, bending rolls, printing presses, and pulverizes. Breakdown torque is usually in the 225% range. These motors are either open drip proof or totally enclosed non-ventilated.

Intermittent duty WR motors are widely used on crane and hoist applications. We offer a complete line of 15, 30, and 60-minute duty ratings. Generally, these motors are provided as open drip proof or totally enclosed non-ventilated. Breakdown torque on crane and hoist WR motors is 275%. If required, we can supply custom 120 minute or continuous duty WR motors for refuse or scrap handling canes. These motors are supplied as either totally enclosed fan cooled or auxiliary blower cooled units. Our WR motors are completely modifiable to fit the needs of our customers.