Waferthin Motor

Reuland Waferthin motors - the motor design that puts conventional power into half the usual length.

The introduction of Reuland's special machine tool motors years ago opened a whole new era in machine tool powering. For the first time, manufacturers could use a motor specially designed for their unusual requirements. No longer did they have to "make something do." 

However, as other fields learned of this new motor's features, a complete new vista of applications was discovered. Extensive reductions in weight and length ... fine precision performance ... smooth castings and beautiful enamel finishes ... all proved to have universal appeal. 

Reuland Waferthin motors have opened up exciting new areas for equipment designers that previously were unthinkable. As a result, many thousands of these motors are today in use throughout a wide cross section of industry - machine tools, textiles, materials handling, special machinery - doing the same jobs that motors twice their size had been doing for years!