Pump/Motor Adapter


All pump/motor adapters are NOT alike. Reuland offers you the most precise, long-lasting, trouble-free aluminum pump/motor adapters in the industry - at a very competitive price. 

Whether you want standard off-the-shelf adapters or custom designs, horizontal or vertical mounts, Reuland adapters are acknowledged as the best you can buy. And no wonder! Over 30 years ago Reuland pioneered the design and manufacture of pump/motor adapters. 

Today we're still the leader because of our uncompromising dedication to absolute precision, quality and service. Rigorous Quality Control. Reuland is the only U.S. pump/motor adapter manufacturer with complete in-house capabilities.

This total in- house capability is the only way we know to truly control quality. We design every adapter, make the patterns and precision machine each one. We even pour the castings in our own foundry so that, unlike most other manufacturers, we are not at the mercy of independent foundries who serve a variety of interests.

Our exacting quality control inspections ensure that every adapter is flawless. As a result, you enjoy the benefits of a longer adapter life with less maintenance, few replacements ... and more value. Standard, Modified and Custom Adapters.

Reuland offers you one of the industry's largest inventories of standard off-the-shelf pump/motor adapters, including metric and many sizes most other manufacturers don't carry. And if we don't have a standard adapter that will fit your needs, we'll make one for you. Our skilled pattern makers, machinists and engineers give us the flexibility to be very creative. So we can precision machine one of our standard models and modify it to meet your requirements. Or, we can custom-design and build your adapters - including NEMA and non-NEMA to your exact specifications.

Free Mounting Kit: Every 182 and larger adapter includes a safety orange access cover with self-tapping screws. In addition, all NEMA adapters listed in our brochure come complete with the mounting bolts and washers to secure the pump and motor to the adapter.

Fast Delivery: Most orders for standard pump/motor adapters are shipped within 24 hours from one of our two warehouses. For your convenience, Reuland maintains a large inventory in our Howell, Michigan and in our Industry, California facilities, so we can deliver quickly to any part of the country. Having two facilities also cuts down on shipping costs, which saves you money as well as time.

Caring Customer Service: Reuland is committed to customer satisfaction. That means no runarounds. You'll get your questions answered with one phone call. If we don't have the answer, we'll get it and quickly call you back. That means experienced, knowledgeable engineers to help you select the pump/motor adapter that's perfect for your application, whether it's from our catalog, a modification or a custom design. And that means helping you immediately if you have any problems at all. Because we want to keep you as a customer. The Reuland Guarantee.

All Reuland pump/motor adapters are covered by our Quality and Service Guarantee. Our motor-to-pump pilot concentricity guarantee states that if you are not satisfied with the quality of a Reuland pump/motor adapter, we will replace it at no charge (consult Reuland's Accessory Products Division for specific information). Also, if we don't ship your order when promised, we'll pay your freight charge. Complete details of our Quality and Service Guarantee are listed on our pump/motor adapter policy sheet.