Multi-Speed Motor



Reuland manufactures a complete line of multi-speed motors for both continuous or intermittent duty applications. Multi-speed motors are generally provided as two speed designs. Continuous duty multi-speed motors are manufactured in open drip proof or totally enclosed fan cooled enclosures. The customer has the option of choosing among constant torque, variable torque, or constant horsepower designs. The customer must also choose between one or two winding designs. The electrical design on all continuous duty ratings is normally Nema Design B.

Reuland's intermittent duty multi-speed motors are generally totally enclosed non-ventilated enclosures designed for 30 or 60 minute duty. These motors are used primarily in the crane and hoist industry. Our intermittent duty motors are used on constant torque applications. Unlike continuous duty motors, intermittent duty motors can be ordered as two, three, or even four speed designs in two winding configurations. Intermittent duty motors are generally Nema Design D (5-8)% slip.