Hydraulic Pump Motor

Reuland manufactures a complete line of hydraulic pump motors specifically designed to be used with hydraulic pumps. Horse powers range from fractional to 80 Hp in both U and T frame designs.

The enclosures for these continuous duty motors are open drip proof or totally enclosed fan cooled. On our Magnaloy designs, Reuland combines an AC squirrel cage motor with our pump adapters and couplings to form a hydraulic pump motor. Our spline designs use a special end bell with spline couplings to connect the pump to the motor.

Reuland hydraulic pump motors can be designed to mount a pump to each end of the motor if necessary. Reuland defines these motors as single or double end configurations. For compact designs, wafer thin tank mount motors are available in totally enclosed fan cooled or non-ventilated enclosures. The wafer thin designs can only be supplied as single end.

Our pump/motor mounts are designed to fit most Nema "C" face motors from 56C through 445TSC frames. The pump mounts give the customer a variety of SAE 2 bolt or 4 bolt flanges. In addition, our pump mounts are compact and lightweight. Pump mounts can be furnished for miscellaneous applications such as internal combustion engines. We can also provide pump mounts in metric or non-SAE dimensions.