High Speed Motor



Reuland has pioneered the development of high speed, AC, squirrel cage motors for over 15 years and is recognized as a world leader in this market. Over 1000 designs exist for high speed, low power; high speed, high power and high speed, low inertia, high response machines. Ratings such as 500 HP, 10,000 RPM and 75 HP, 40,000 RPM are common. High-speed Partial motors are available up to 100,000 RPM. Each motor can be tailored to the User's specific load/speed ranges, high torque at low speed, and wide constant power ranges.

High speed motors are commonly used with machine tools, motorized spindles, grinders, routers, pumps, arbors, test stands, dynamometers, centrifuge drives and replacing costly speed increasers.

High-Speed Inverter Duty A.C. Motors

Test Stand Motors