Aluminum Foundry               

Reuland has its own aluminum foundry & pattern shop on site. 

We have the ability to design, cast, and machine all our motor parts from start to finish.

The manufacturing process begins in our pattern shop. 
    1. Pattern makers create a "wood master" pattern from an engineering blueprint.
    2. Next, an aluminum match plate is made out from the wood master.
    3. Then, a sand mold is made using "green sand".
    4. Finally, the mold is filled with liquid aluminum.

When the aluminum cools, a part is created. The cast part is then machined to the dimensions required.

As expected, we have a extensive library of wood master patterns and match plates. The time frame involved in producing a wood master pattern can vary from a week to as much as 15 weeks. Our pattern makers prefer to work with the both Mahogany and Gelutong type wood.

We use 319 aluminum on all our motor housings, endbells, and adapters.

Gear cases for speed reducers are made out of 356-T6 aluminum. If required, we can manufacture any of our parts from 356-T6 aluminum. 

As an option, our motors can also be manufactured in Grey cast iron. 

Because we have our own aluminum foundry, we also design and manufacture a variety of non-motor parts for varies customers. For example, exhaust manifolds, oil pans, and electrical conduit boxes are some of the aluminum products that we cast for our customers.