Flexible Couplings



Why should you specify Reuland Flexible Couplings? Reuland uses stronger materials.

Because flexible couplings are subjected to constant torque and stress, they eventually wear out. Obviously, the longer the coupling lasts, the more value you get for your money.

The key to flexible coupling longevity is the elastomeric element that is sandwiched between the coupling halves. Most flexible coupling manufacturers use compression-molded, rubber-like materials for their standard grommets. Reuland, however, uses a high-tech injection molded material called Lomod for our standard grommets. Torque tests and shock loads prove Lomod is stronger and more durable than most of our competitors' standard elastomeric elements.

Reuland flexible couplings cost less. Lomod is priced like a standard grommet while providing the performance and specifications of a premium selection. This allows us to offer you a superior product that saves you money when you purchase it ... and that continues to save you money with lowered maintenance and replacement costs.

Reuland flexible couplings are made from lightweight aluminum. Our flexible couplings are lighter than steel and cast iron couplings, which helps prolong bearing and seal life on pumps, gearboxes and motors. Our lightweight aluminum couplings also cost less to ship to your location.

Reuland flexible couplings are precision machined. By maintaining tight tolerances, we help eliminate vibration and noise. Alignment is easily made with a straight edge and a feeler gage. Reuland flexible couplings offer double set screws standard. Most manufacturers charge you extra for a double set screw option. Since our couplings are designed to be the finest on the market we make double set screws standard on all coupling sizes. The extra set screw offers greater hoop stress generation, creating a more secure fit from coupling to shaft. 

Rigorous Quality Control. We design and manufacture all flexible couplings ourselves. And we subject each one to exacting quality control inspections. This total control allows us to offer you higher quality at a lower price.

Specials, Metrics and Splines. Reuland offers one of the industry's largest selections of standard flexible couplings. In addition, splines, metric bores and keys, and other special options may be available from stock. If not, we can modify any flexible coupling to your exact specifications. Please consult the factory for your special needs.

The One Source for all Your Flexible Couplings and Pump/Motor Adapter Needs. When you connect a pump to a motor, you want a perfect alignment for optimal performance. And that's what you get when you specify flexible couplings and pump/motor adapters from Reuland. These two components work together to achieve near-perfect concentricity. Together they reduce vibration, heat noise and wear and tear. In short they're your best guarantee for increased performance and life expectancy. 

Fast Delivery. Our flexible couplings are stocked in Reuland's Midwest and West Coast facilities for fast response and reduced transportation costs. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving your order. 

The Reuland Guarantee. All Reuland products are covered by our quality and service guarantee. You must be satisfied with the quality of a Reuland flexible coupling or we'll replace it. Complete details of our Quality and Service Guarantee are listed on our flexible coupling policy sheet.