Shipboard Motor


For over 50 years Reuland has manufactured custom motors for marine, Coast Guard, and Navy service applications in fractional and integral HP ratings to 300 HP. Reuland understands the requirements for both above and below deck applications.



Marine and Coast Guard Duty Motors

Reuland marine duty motors utilize quality components in configurations designed for the riggers of the marine environment. Reuland marine duty motors utilize sealed construction, corrosion protection and high-grade insulation systems. Reuland motors have been performing in these environments for over 50 years and are made in compliance to specifications IEEE-45, American Bureau of Shipping (A.B.S.), and United States Coast Guard (USCG), and IEC 60092.

Navy Service A and C Motors

Reuland Navy Service motors meet all pertinent Mil specs for fractional and integral hp motors for these applications including MIL-M-17060 and high impact shock per specification MIL-S-901. Our designs comply with all specifications related to shock & vibration, efficiency, sealed insulation systems, weight, materials, procurement, testing, air borne noise limits and structure borne noise limits.

Motors for this class of duty conform to ALL the requirements of Mil-M-17060. Housings and end brackets are built with steel or ductile iron. Material traceably is provided through the Reuland quality assurance program in compliance with Mil Standards. These motors use VPI sealed insulation systems, corrosion proof hardware, and corrosion resistant coatings that meet Navy Service A requirements. All Motors are tested for performance and any other specified requirements.

Reuland Electric has been providing sophisticated custom motors for demanding shipboard applications for over 50 years. Our experience in both above and below deck applications makes us the manufacture of choice for many shipbuilders. Contact your local Reuland Electric Representative for more details.