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Press Release 10/27/16 - Jenny Stewart celebrates 30 years at Reuland!!!

On October 20, 2016, Jenny Stewart celebrated 30 years with Reuland!



Press Release 8/28/15

We are pleased to announce that Tom Piercy of Drives, Motors & Components has entered into an agreement with Reuland to be our

new sales representative in the the state of California (Northern California - All counties inclusive of and North of Monterey, Kings,

Tulare, and Inyo.


Press Release 12/10/14 - Reuland Electric Co vs Burgi Engineers, LLC

On December 8, 2014, the federal court issued a ruling in our case against Burgi Engineers, LLC

Please click on the following link - Reuland Electric Co vs Burgi Engineers, LLC

PDF File - Reuland Electric Co vs Burgi Engineers, LLC


Press Release 07/12/13 - Delores Kuntz celebrates 50 years at Reuland!!!

On June 18, Delores Kuntz celebrated 50 years with Reuland.  She was honored with a lunch and many gifts.  Delores was hired by Reuland in 1963.  In 1969 she was promoted to Stator Winder, to General Helper in 1972, and then to Winding Lead in 1984.  She was recently promoted to Winding Department Supervisor.  She is very proud of her employment at Reuland and her work ethic and determination are an inspiration to the entire staff.

Delores was honored with proclamations from the State of California, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and the City of Industry.  Mayor Jeff Parriott recognized Delores as an "Honorary Citizen" of the City of Industry for her great accomplishment.

The company presented Delores with a check for her many years of hard work; a 50 year diamond pin; a gift card; and a sign for her "Reserved Parking Place" in the company parking lot.



Pictured with Delores at the luncheon are Eli Yorba, Delores Kuntz, 

CEO Noel Reuland, Bill Kramer, and Howard Lees.


Delores receives her Reserved Parking Place sign from Plant Manager,

Don Trimmer


Press Release 03/14/13 - Stainless Steel Motors


REULAND has shipped it's first ALL Stainless Steel Nuclear AC motor.  The motor uses stainless steel for all parts of it's contstruction such as frame, end brackets, external fan/fan cover, and rotor shaft.

The motor does not need outside stamp due to rust-free characteristics, and is suitable for moisture places.




Press Release 01/31/12 - New Furnaces

REULAND has elevated their aluminum foundry to a world class level over the past two years. The foundry’s power consumption and carbon footprint have been drastically
reduced by the replacement of old furnaces with an all new furnace line. The quality control has also been accelerated to result in near-zero rejection rates. Efficiency has
culminated with the foundry easily handling in-house production while steadily increasing outside sales.


Press Release 10/21/10

REULAND launches a new product line which supports industry demand for motor lamination.  The division will sell established motor lamination designs as wells as evaluate and quote special design requirements on an as needed basis.  A new website has been created to accompany the launch of this new product line. (