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UPDATE (April 24, 2015)
The Court has issued a further Order in the lawsuit Reuland (“REC”) filed against Burgi Engineers LLC
(“BELLC”) and its predecessor. The Court has ruled: “BELLC is ORDERED to immediately provide to REC
all REC Provided Information and all BELLC Created Information as those terms are defined above,
including all copies. Further, BELLC is hereby permanently enjoined from possessing, copying and using
any REC Provided Information and any BELLC Created Information for any purpose.”
The Court defined REC Provided Information as:
REC provided to BELLC orders, customer specifications, drawings, costing data, including access
to the costing data system ("Managerial Manufacturing System" or "ManMan System"), bills of
materials, quotes, pricing data, electrical lamination prints, electrical designs, application data
provided by customers including customer drawings, specifications, pictures, graphs, curves, and
other information.
The Court defined BELLC Created Information as:
BELLC created a vast inventory of information, including rotor dynamics analysis, shaft spline
data, press fit analysis, bearing life calculations, fastener strength calculation, wave spring
analysis, motor test data including motor test reports, SolidWorks® and other drawings, bills of
material, brake project test data, brake project Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, brake
project photographs, rectifier schematics, and brake control panel schematics and drawings,
motor installation and set-up manuals, design guide and check lists for engineering quality
control and design review, Coordinate Measuring Machine room procedures and checklists, and
other information, that it used to perform work for REC.