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April 29, 2015
Los Angeles, CA- Reuland Electric Co. (“Reuland”), the world’s most
flexible electric motor manufacturer, has won another major battle in its ongoing
litigation with its former engineering partner Burgi Engineers, LLC ("Burgi").
Burgi had previously refused to return thirteen years’ worth of confidential files,
which Reuland values in excess of $6 million, that Burgi had obtained under a non-
disclosure/proprietary rights agreement with Reuland.
On April 24, 2015, United States District Court Judge S. James Otero issued
a permanent injunction against Burgi. Public court papers reveal that Burgi’s
principal Robert Burgi claimed he “was not obligated to return anything” and that
Burgi used confidential Reuland files in connection with motor designs to compete
directly against Reuland. The Court found that Burgi’s actions constitute breach of
contract. The Court issued an immediate permanent injunction. The Court ruled
that Burgi “is permanently enjoined from possessing, copying and using” this
confidential information “for any purpose.” The injunction covers a massive
volume of information relating to all of the 977 motor-specific projects Burgi
worked on while doing business with Reuland over a thirteen year period.
Noel C. Reuland, Owner and President of Reuland Electric Co., commented:
“The Court’s issuance of an immediate permanent injunction against Burgi is a
resounding victory for Reuland. Reuland aggressively protects its intellectual
property rights and will take strong action to prevent unauthorized or improper use
of its high quality motor designs and other intellectual property.
A bench trial is currently scheduled for early June 2015 to assess monetary
damages against Burgi.
Reuland is represented by Eric N. Lindquist of Law Offices of Eric Nelson
Lindquist and by Thomas J. Daly and G. Warren Bleeker of Christie, Parker &
Hale, LLP. The case is Reuland Electric Co. vs. Burgi Engineers, LLC et al., Case
#CV 13-09499 SJO (JCx) (C.D. Cal.).
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