Motor Division
City of Industry, CA (est 1963)

17969 Railroad St
City of Industry, CA  91748-1113
Sales: 626-964-6411  - Toll free 888-964-6411
Other: 626-854-5199
o Over 200 employees
o Total Property - 10 acres
o 100,000 sq ft for manufacturing
o 30,000 sq ft Aluminum Foundry
o Pattern Shop

Reuland, Industry plant, final assembly area. Reuland utilizes classic MRP driven inventory and production techniques. From the conception of the order through motor or product casting production, motor component production and stock releases to final assembly, product parts or components release systematically and efficiently allowing Reuland to control production schedules and control production schedule lead-times as well as handle a vast variety of various types and sizes of custom and standard motors and motor products. It's this level of detail and commitment to production and our customers that helped Reuland become a leader in both basic and specialty motor and motor product applications.
Reuland, Industry plant, Foundry Pattern Shop. Because Reuland utilizes its own fully functioning aluminum foundry, production demands, or more specifically, pattern tooling demands vary from week-to-week, customer-to-customer, project-to-project, etc. Pattern tooling drives production schedules and can impact product and production design, schedules and efficiencies. Reuland houses its own Pattern Shop or foundry tooling department. The department utilizes time tested and proven techniques to design and produce foundry production tooling to meet extremely demanding operational foundry process conditions. Reuland prides itself on the design staff with well over fifty years of collective tooling production knowledge. Again, it's with this flexibility in design and tooling production capabilities that makes Reuland a premier motor manufacturer.
Reuland, Industry Plant, utilizes CNC machining centers to process various motor part components. Programmed CNC machining centers allows Reuland to efficiently and with precision, meet exacting customer specifications and production design processing tolerances. Reuland's quality is simply "Quality is Our Top Priority."
Reuland, Industry plant, utilizes lean manufacturing techniques within its multiple machine shop operations. Work cells assist in processing various aluminum, steel, and brass motor components. Machinery and equipment can be quickly converted or re-tooled to begin production on the next series of motor orders or motor components. It's this production conversion and lean manufacturing techniques that assist Reuland in relatively short motor production lead-times.